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shooting in accord to make business in the shaky cf for japanese companies japanese defense forced a stereotype about cement is an option come to find take a shine to one of the best sense. increasingly difficult to get him by name has the japanese need is to review the country's defenses any sense. disgusting but that the country's forces should be allowed to help an ally under attack one highlighted some of japan's security challenges he said he isn't concerned about north korea's nuclear and missile development programs the chinese incursions into japanese court as in the east tennessee. julie boyd for you no secret to keeping the difference exchanges between japan and russia. it is important not only for our countries but also for the security environment in the asia pacific region owned assets including discussions but the russians did not indicate any change in the japanese that any nation to continue working for peace. he was a ninety second gm this release is visiting japan agreed to help deal with the pumpkin on a sacrificial and nineteen click on it. accompanied by tackli
and russia. to come is represented how the talks by foreign menace of the meal she died and defense minister into naughty little bit of a map with their russian counterparts ldl of waltham so gay sugar here is a bit too close to top off with a new page will try to trade cooperation in security and the fast kids who will pursue further dialogue on specifics and exchanges will help stabilize the situation in east asia as well as to promote world peace. this tool close to making signals the start for new relationships between the two countries today's taking marks a crucial step for putting trust in the discussion between jet that much. and the new meds and i'm also in the two countries confirmed the closer relations would help resolve the range of the shoot. he cited problems on the korean nation on the grill this beach and to risk his exceed the two sides agreed to boost joint exercises between japan's maritimes self defense forces in the russian navy due to the details i agree to hold what level talks on the waist to come to this type of cox two ways. russian foreign us and invited the japan
to ask the e.u. for assistance. bulgaria's defense ministry began constructing the 107-kilometer fence along the turkish border last week. it expects to complete the project by february 2014. illegal immigrants who are not from syria are also entering the country through turkey. the bulgarian government has also announced a plan to tighten immigration controls to help reduce the influx. >>> a chinese newspaper has apologized for alleged misreporting by one of its journalists. police detained the reporter after he made allegations about corruption at a state-owned manufacturing company. the guangdong based "new express" had been demanding the release of 27-year-old chen yongzhou. the paper carried unprecedented front page articles on two consecutive days last week. but the "new express" ran a front page editorial on sunday in which it apologized to its readers. the article says the paper had failed to fully confirm the facts in the report. it says the way the "new express" demanded chen's release was improper and has damaged trust in the media. state-run xinhua news agency and other chi
to let them get that bit of thought has gone. joe defense minister thomas teammate jimmy since he helped all tickets have gone on to our dismay the condo comedy as button but she was a big drop from the country after more than a decade long that any deployment. we have reports german defense ministry of home esteem is that mitch is of one column to find just enough khan mohammed vi. all of which would fit into again according to the defence ministry. there was a time that he can send the cooperation between the two countries. after the movie to add them in mauritius for the children on false sense of what ministers met the press to beat them about the show was nice to be discussed in process. on oct two and shaking him and calling oh two was an eighteen pc between two lbs off nato countries as she and i scrapped with the collar to keep its defence is strong at the time affording me the key spending. jilly nice because it is cost. i knew the defense minister as active process meeting is that they need donations act as feed her knee she was eating a class to help small and neat undies. the
three days of fly-byes near japan's southern island chain. the japanese defense chief said he will respond by bolstering surveillance. they passed between the main island of okinawa and miyako island. they didn't violate japanese air space, but commanders with japan's self-defense forces scrambled fighter jets as a precaution. defense minister said the flights were a rare event. >> translator: it's the first time this many chinese aircraft have flown between okinawa and miyako. we know it's part of china's expanding activities over the open seas. >> he said japan needs to strengthen its air surveillance over the southwestern islands in response to the increased activities by the chinese military. >>> the chair of the u.s. senate intelligence committee is looking for answers following revelations american agents have been spying on world leaders. democratic senator diane feinstein said she's launching a major review of all intelligence collection programs. feinstein released a statement saying the national security agency didn't keep her committee properly informed of certain s
gave deference to the nsa on this one. he said, this is what happens in the defense world. frances spying on the u.s. he does not have a problem with the u.s. spying on world leaders. knowing the plans and the intentions of world leaders is a basic tenet of surveillance, surveillance 101. on the other side of capitol hill, in the senate, senate intelligence committee chairwoman dianne #, when she found abou leaders, it seemed to suggest that this is completely fair game and that it is something the nsa should be doing. >> it seems like there are questions over when and how much the white house new about -- white house knew about the surveillance. does it seem like they were aware? >> there is a question when it comes to the intelligence community. chairman mike rogers suggested that the committee knew about this waste on the national intelligence primary framework. it is a giant report that the intelligence committee and the white house get that has the priorities of the intelligence committee. but other members of the committee pushed back. saying, hey, this committee didn't know
will hold their next meeting in japan in 2015. >>> tokyo hopes to hold its highest level defense talks with south korea in two years. japanese officials want to warn ties deep frozen over disputes about history. minister of defense will meet with asian defense officials starting on november 11. officials are making arrangements for talks on the sidelines of the meeting. the two men are expected to confirm that japan and south korea will coordinate their responses to north korea's police particular missile and nuclear development. nishi is likely to push for talks. they are to push for a security treaty. the treat eye aimed at intelligence sharing was supposed to have been signed in june last year. they hope to strengthen coordination with the south korean side. they say they are concerned about the severe security environment in east asia. >>> managers of japan's crippled nuclear plant are getting closer to starting a long and risky operation. proper than 300 tons of spent fuel rods are being stored in a pool inside the reactor four building along with roughly 200 unused units. tepco o
and to make most effective use of defensive tactics i went to my aikido places great importance on call to prayer. when asked us to interpret an opponent's train movements in detention typical aikido techniques to attend to. the defenders is guiding the attack is ominous circular motion until no remains. to keep their unique uses circular movements to gain advantage while maintaining a stable thing aikido techniques of his protests strikes and effective and time can lead to. eye. she used to. this would only be with his strength but using precise technique and cook two to control your opponent's move the train to trend issues like the aye aye aye the basic techniques are used to handle fits just right. sequences of moves me this attack and defend the training the captain to lead the consumer to develop one's flaking skin. this is a striking and kicking it the route to teach his defensive techniques to mold you into sin. you can train them to get to the point when you read you read them. and since what we're about to do once you have to do it. you can control them. and while you looked a
to france as soon as possible. the french foreign and defense ministers are to bring them home. speaking not long ago on french television, the grandfather of one of the hostages said they all seemed to be in good health. the men were abducted on september 16, 2010 in the town of our let. they were working for a nuclear giant. >> this was the home of danielle where they were kidnapped on september 16, 2010 by terrorists linked to al qaeda. five other people were kidnapped that night in the city. they all worked for nuclear giant areva. authorities say the companies could have done more to protect their employees. >> this kidnapping took place because employees were not protected. i am not criticizing, that is just a fact. >> the kidnappers took the hostages to an unknown location. they took these pictures. they show daniel and franÇois and others in captivity. franÇois, who had health problems, was released in february 2011. along with two other hostages. the second video was released at the end of august 2012. >> it has been two years. it is not normal. have you forgotten us? i went f
defense chief says the military will monitor chinese aircraft. they flew over the southern islands of okinawa. four passed between the islands and made round trips over the pacific ocean friday and sunday. they didn't violate japanese air space. commanders with the self defense forces scrambled fighter jets as a recaution. the jets were a rare event. >> translator: it's the first time this many aircraft have flown between the islands. we're aware this is part of china expanding over the seas. >> he says they need to up their response after the chinese military flying over. >>> a japanese research team says most of the radioactive cesium that fell on the forest floor after the accident at the fukushima plant is still in the same place. researchers from the japan atomic energy agency installed in the woods in 2011 two months after the accident. they hope to learn how cesium moves from fallen leaves to soil. rain washed it off leaves six months after the accident. as leaves decomposed the cesium moved into the soil. after two years of research, 0.1 to 0.2% has reached a depth of 10 ce
election dominated much of the final session for kenyan she reports. history and defense committees on friday focused on fresh allegations at the national intelligence service and the military cyber warfare command unit launched an extensive online here a campaign against opposition candidates before the presidential election last december. the scandal has captured three and politics and wine into a broader debate about the legitimacy of last year's presidential election. during this streak of these odd session up a jemaah makers accused the justice minister at the departure of the prosecutors investigating the case. while ruling party lawmaker said the opposition is making the issue bigger than it really adds. justice minister pandit one place to do his part to clear out any remaining suspicion surrounding the case. bought the ninety accusation to use his influence to pressure prosecutors and defense command odd exception. as mr white said in comments to complete the military's ongoing investigation into the allegations against the cyber command unit and protect the political neutr
intelligence with the israeli defense forces. us state department has declined to confirm or deny the report washington's national security agency spying on high priority israeli military targets in york times reported on nov third in a seven page article based on documents leaked by performer and as a contractor that were snowed in all the in depth overview the tales highly classified documents leaked by snowden they include document outlining the american intelligence agencies monitoring of israeli targets namely israel defense forces drone aircraft and israel's black sparrow missile system classified documents leaked to the report further confirm the reports of past cooperation between the nsa any of the idf signal intelligence unit eighty two under it would try clearly cheese raw materials ok my signals intelligence that is by spying. top obama administration officials have in the past praised israel's intelligence capabilities and express gratitude for receiving access to it. new york times report comes on the heels of our age in europe over the revelation that the us listen in on europ
the foreign and defense ministers to escort the four hostages home to their inpatient loved ones. >> it is as if he is restarting the conversation we were having just a few days ago. i mean he is restarting where we were in our daily lives but with our own way of doing things. it is quite extraordinary. it is such a relief that what we have been waiting for for three years has finally happened. it hasn't sunk in. no, we are not dreaming. this is for real. >> we have been fighting for three years. and now, the news is extraordinary. i can hardly find the words. >> our happiness is indescribable. i think we will never feel anything like this again in our lives. after so much time spent in anxiety and uncertainty. we have faith in our family members and knew that we would hold on as we were doing. >> that is a long time. >> i can feel very compassionate towards the families on another level because during those years, my daughter had been working in that part of the world. everyday, we think about this issue going to be taken. it makes me realize that there is an uneival flibo thest
's similar to the u.s. national security council. he would chair meetings and his foreign and defense ministers would take part, along with the chief cabinet secretary. the national security office would be created within the cabinet secretariat at the same time. the chief cabinet secretary spoke during the meeting. he urged lawmakers to get the bill enacted as soon as possible. >> translator: the security environment surrounding japan is increasingly unstable. regular forums involving the prime minister discussing the security issues are vital. this will allow the prime minister to take strong leadership in the field of national security. >> suga said the head of the national security office would be in charge of the administrative affairs. the national security council would advise the prime minister directly. he added, the posts could be filled by individuals from the public or private sector. >>> clashes during the general strike under way in bangladesh have caused at least five more deaths. rosalyn in bangkok is following the story. >>> the three-day strike led by the largest opp
as well having an edge on monday the very beginning when the defense. take the next tee. we think it's funny look at it especially that separates the bottom of us had to kick back. cold cold the most stupid fight to the funds can be used in a more transparent and flexible way the boss. at the expense of fish i could pay for two thousand and ten at st michael got people almost exclusively bursting of bed to get it said treat patients extra reps all to see what but isn't this a therapy practitioners of the seventies teaches that the eighteen thousand patients some patients such as button called ticket to the hospital several months off of the entry and i get the full treatment is received but a very big difference in taste. back to the new batch of cookie. it was into the program. blessed us with a mentor and programs designed to try to help doctors nurses and office this is what is going like that but the strange stuff the korea strait the pdp the hospital a couple times it is just healthcare they head to the lost legacy nobody does it get the wood you just next door to the hospital a
the region around the cliche you and okinawa islands. a man thirty four thousand japanese self defense was personnel on the dissipating in the drill which accounts fornt of the cos defence forces. six battleships along with a three hundred and eighty other aircraft have been deployed before the exercise the wilson family island capture and include a live firing practice will effect your feathers claimed the relations between china and japan. tice between both countries are already tense due to the differing positions over the doubt and islands in the east china sea in the midst of the route over the us external surveillance program. us secretary of state john kerry has for the first time it made it to some element of the national security agency surveillance program leads to five. kenny however defended the need for increased surveillance state is an effective counter terrorism tool. and he also assured that the fact an act which have avoided close allies like germany would be repeated in the future really an f eighteen jet on key setting standards that the controversial program of spy
as if it's seen as a test of confidence from john relations with saudi and pitching and defense at independence from in two thousand and eight the senate did not recognize the means but madeline is looking ahead to eu membership the last time belgrade has encouraged ethnic sounds in casa de tonight. tom hawkins with all its. let cool in action with five weeks in consequence is this etf me to be sandals and cost advantage is its down and think mine's a sad heels and albanian south to ninety eight by raking up. he said the area has definately jarrett you move since the end of the war in nineteen ninety nine and is maintained some autonomy. it now said the ad is encouraging costs of incense to get info interested in politics with their participation as a stage in the ctmh. as in the holocaust though they will become an irreversible process which means that the government to increase the net will no longer be a bit to make decisions without the syrups that means they'll become more importantly disconnected things will be able to happen with ayers says. the campaign eons make up nine
five thousand troops might be stationed in the country miami's defense minister says they do not have a rematch to patrol the dow. in it. the man in full sets of them only on the light the un ministry troops do not control quito. because by necessity can tell benefits missile two separate states this. alimony and forces that are deployed to the north of the sky to be permanently present on several fronts and with the armed militia groups are roaming the streets of key dow falls on all that is now liam counterpart abraham to the cockpit to finally solve that the state of affairs cannot continue nothing will be used to put his talks aimed at ending will be three years of bloodshed and syria have been turned to confusion to make us suffer the syrian national council president. mattel announced said that to the opposition won't attend peace talks in geneva. unless is a clear time frame for president bush on all aspects of the power bill said adding that the commission would accept the presence of a ring in the kitchen is out the table yesterday. the new geneva to attack piracy we say no t
having an add on monday. the very beginning when the defense. the state expects to see. no think it's on the leather seat that he got interested to see them outside to get back to church or school. no special invite to their funds can be used in a more transparent and flexible way the boss. at the expense of fish i could pay for two thousand and ten at st michael got people almost exclusively bursting at the unit searched the patient x ray brooks pharmacy board but isn't this a therapy practitioners of the seventies teaches that the eighteen thousand patients some patients such as button called ticket to the hospital several months off of the entry and i can afford the treatment is received but a very big difference and eight. that made a batch of cookie. it was into the program. blessed us with a mentor and programs designed to try to console system that says come all this is what is going like that but a strange stuff the crisp rid of the legal costs of capable phones. it is just healthcare they head to the lost legacy. nobody does it get the wood. you just next door to the hospic
them of these weapons on so that excuse del longer exists. it's the best line of defense is a good sense that's the tactic that could be adopted by edward snowdon the whistleblower might get the chance to fight against the nsa in spying scandal angela merkel and still have for you. the search for greener pastures. monsanto were the european financial crisis his heart and migrants in italy leaving thousands out in the streets without a job at all. or hope the first in britain sometimes being the deck committing crimes to secure your future especially if your car at center was revealed the newly formed u k cyber defence unions looking for reinforcements from the ranks of its convicted inmates that says barr smith reports. life in times of the house had the most liberal city from cruising to a thunderous bass to bind up in prison. so what governments. it does help that the uk who plays the victim and forth and knights officials that makes the kids enjoyed hiring can be sometimes had to stop the units. the implications like that in the headlights it's a place that governments to have p
evidence in his defense thomas there until the court he was not saying he was completely innocent and he was terrified of what was going to happen to him but he said it was nothing compared to the years of being late this difference that dc had a busy so this is practice in balkans and said property developer john kenny has become his business partner and because clients mystic eddie had it for a cyst appetite for money he said that no income sydney's to katie who was not before the court was using him to get to know that some financial institutions cd became afraid it is to katie who was aggressive. the city that says family but being pregnant. mr grant said everyone can see that something untoward going on in his practice he said the law society didn't care as honest as crooks but balanced. he said he was always on the docket for properties to use as security for donors. but he claims the properties the prosecution says he fraudulently transferred into his name where actually still is to him. thomas pessimistic eddie was eventually demanding four hundred and fifty has enjoyed a week. h
russian made missiles in the port city of kiev. the syrian regime says the missiles are for self defense. meanwhile the eu and arab league on board a serial october heaney has called on both the government and the opposition to take part in peace talks in geneva later this month but syrian opposition remains deeply split over conditions for attending. in syria this seems to be no end to suffering. this report another game another bombing on this one in kerala with the uprising began. the death toll has topped one hundred twenty thousand many of the injured receive only emergency care. our son remains in power and he's considering another term you'll find that depends on to the issue discussed in my own design and secondly that we the people of which of the sun seems just as selfish or december. however the regime has lost control of large parts of the country such as the northern and eastern regions. and it's not making an effort to win them back. so what. meanwhile the rebels recognize that they stand little chance of taking over the capital damascus mosques. the rebels confined to the
heat of the cage figures released by the ministries of health interior and defense to denounce months finance claim nine hundred and sixty four nights. these eight hundred and fifty five list of indians sixty five when police and fourteen school was sold as one of the sixteen hundred people were wounded. here in time that's life carries on as normal despite suffering some of the head he still sees during the may st and later studied finance. me un anyone else who walks in the streets at any moment. we may face a carbo motorcycle bomb or explosive belt that in the moment anyone can be killed without even having done anything wrong. on that this death toll is the highest since april two thousand and eight. when iraq was an aging from that bring to a sectarian war between cbc she is. now the maze to yourself to the us mint tea with two role as security situation has again deteriorate it. despite government attempts to crack down on the sentencing trial curry down. for ten or eleven years now they've been talking about a new security plan. but nothing has changed and the situation is only
the dentist says is that this defense of the times with them on people and the money he hates him with all its many chance they felt tremendous and in that aspect i froze i'm gonna knock kurdish iraqi novelist and former prisoner of saddam hussein's regime live with us on the line from london thank you very much for your time well that pakistani taliban has vowed to avenge the death of its leader who was killed in the u s drone strike and pakistani officials say that the assassination of c rail peace talks with militants here's to islam and that mr hill is a new overseas with the latest security has gone up and notice a lot of security in major cities of pakistan in the markets on route ninety. because of course none so far this is from the government had been taken in hand and the media's had been sitting back and this is mean and not that into separate dots that these dogs between thoughts on government time to time on the interior mr foxton he has stayed the night. and on the day before yesterday and i want to be close to talking about that the stocks and that they were almost on the way an
a closer look at the numbers now according to iraq's interior defense and health ministries. the number of deaths in october reached nine hundred and sixty four ninety percent of which were civilians. the government says this is the highest death toll in a single month since april two thousand and eight i've been more than a thousand people were killed however the numbers don't correspond with the united nation state to which suggestion late this year was equally as bad as i'm done that here is a turkish iraqi militants to form a cousin of saddam hussein's regime says the ongoing bloodshed is forcing people to live in fear. is affecting daily diet that from morning until night and had to single out one of the day people up and feeling unsafe to do annie finger eleven goes on they don't know i mean it doesn't on whether they come back cpr months. and then just an obstacle than eighteen times in the attacks mostly the top of the team dinners to people rather than an. other forces he has and can also told this is new agreement within the iraqi government that is leading to more violence ag
's now in power. this teaches and condemned this according to iraq's interior defense and health ministries be the medicinal taylor reached nine hundred and sixty four ninety percent of which was convenient. the dublin says this is the highest death toll in the single month since april two thousand and eight. eichmann one thousand people were killed. however the numbers in correspondence with the united nations data which suggests july this year was equally as that. my cousin got is a kurdish iraqi militants and full of prisoners saddam hussein's regime says the ongoing bloodshed is forcing people to live in fear. it is affecting daily diet. that from morning until night and had to single out one of the day people. ed feeling unsafe to do annie finger eleven goes on they don't know i mean in those unknown whether they come back safely on mt. and and and just an obstacle than eighteen times in the attacks mostly the top of the team in its two people rather than an. other forces the phasing and also told us this new agreement within the iraqi government and that's leading to more v
that are disappointing for the defense but any tenant in the backseat been given access to the clients. of course most he is standing accused of being signed team met at an on site fourteen and that was the brother with support as this is my view being seen as a political trial. of cause tension snapped up by the high will keep you updated. in fall or responds on twitter for all the latest updates from the egyptian capital kampala singers got all the details from that court hearing the end. move on the egyptian another twenty eleven egyptian revolution saw longtime army backed leader hosni mubarak stand downs talabani year of political turmoil in june twenty twelve behind morrissey became the country's first democratically elected president. however as this bush or his push for islam is back constitution spot down the unrest in december that same year. violence erupted again this summer and tim morrissey protests prompted the military to oust islam is the year followed by a vicious crackdown on muslim brotherhood supporters in which more anon sounds and people were killed. political analysts and journali
apologizing and stop being defensive. the nsa has saved thousands of lives not just in the united states but in france, germany, french want to talk, operations against the united states, the governing industry. in germany, the plot began that led to 9/11. iraq, north korea, we are not doing it for the fun of it. it is together valuable intelligence that helps not just us, but the europeans. >> congressman king points in that statement to the french in the past doing spying of their own. executives being told the conversations might be bugged. >> in january or february, the first one was china. we have capacities with active protection against cyber threats. there is a huge difference with that and the government. to invest more than 4 million euros for protections as well as active protections. on top of that, we see a lot of cybersecurity about to train a lot of french people. >> there are a little bit of crocodile tears on the part of the french? >> probably a little on the highest levels of government. you have american officials more in the know saying, trust us. we have saved you f
and on what is happening the defensive side of the money for instance i you know the essential up with constantly being criticized for being the nice soft on the twenty eight especially the anonymity when he had the on side into key data on a your money into swing on the doubt so. when i asked senior team did not want to have a disaster because of its hostages and had not asked at his unit meetings is his most successful a fun and funny seeing a shift in which is my sil time i i i think even on duty at the findings were nice assuming that the problem the problem is that the student does actually. and the fun isn't it. we all know that a ransom was paid the problem is that the kidnappers all know that a ransom ransom was paid there's actually different countries in different cultures have different approaches and in france among the french security come and commentators. they say that the anglo saxons don't pay. the british the americans don't pay. and it all week and sometimes not true. and mm more or less maybe maybe there may be for instance insurance companies pay rent since fo
to housing as well. having ended on monday. the very beginning when the defense take the next tee. no think it's funny look at it especially that the incident said what about us that the kickbacks. for school the most stupid fight to the funds can be used in a more transparent and flexible way the boss. at the expense of fish i could pay for two thousand and ten at st michael got people almost exclusively bursting of bed to get it said treat patients extra reps all to see what but isn't this a therapy session as the acidity is key to life than eighteen thousand patients some patients such as button called ticket to the hospital several months off of the entry and i get the full treatment is received but a very big difference in taste back to the deductions on a cookie. it was into the program. blessed us with a mentor and programs designed to try to help doctors nurses and office this is what is going like that but the strange stuff the korea strait to the legal costs over a couple times. it is just healthcare they head to the lost legacy nobody does it get the wood you just next door to th
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